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do i sign up for call connect with my studioacount or?

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I have a studio acount But i want to give my models the option of having call connect.

do i have to sign up for call connect?
and is it the same way for donations and the shop?

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Cameron Love:

In the Studio Account you have to add a model to your studio account under the PERFORMERS section. Then supply the username/password you created to the model you are creating it for. When she logs in with those details via your model login box she will see the services you allow her to have access to. 

What services they have access to is determined by the Studio and can be changed in the Studio's Settings section. So if you want them to have CallConnect make sure that FULL or LIMITED ACCESS is ticked in the Settings section. If you have then any Performer who logs into her account will see CallConnect options available. If you switch a service off then it will not show up at all to your performers, so for example you could run a phone sex site that does not allow webcams by allowing access to the CallConnect but restricting LiveCams access. 
FULL allows her full access to all options, while LIMITED will restrict her to just a few important options, removing options such as the embed button code. this is useful if you wish to embed the buttons for her on your site, rather than the model doing it. 

Although the model will be restricted to what services are on offer, you as a Studio will still have full access at all times. 

Studio Account holder. All opinions and advice are my own. For official site and technical support contact Webstream directly.

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