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Cameron Love:

I was wondering if you may consider changing your ClipStore embedded style a little? 

I find that the Login/Password box to clutter the layout of the clips and may cause confusion when the login box may be next to other site login boxes: (See below)

and I feel that it would work and look much better if it was in the same similar style as the LiveCams, CallConnect and Donations as a pop-up box login of the same style when a user clicks on the PLAY button of the video clip. (See below) 

This would mean a much more uniform styling throughout all the Webstream services and can be styled in a much better way to an individuals/studios site. It is especially worthwhile now as the current "pop up" just shows video clip details and asks you to login, whereas your new Blog layout for Videoclips allows these details to be shown alongside the videoclips without the need for them to be shown on the pop-up. 

Just an idea for you :) 

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on May 13, 2015 0 likes

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Is Admin


Hi Cameron

Thanks for the thread and duly noted. We are currently updating a lot of the Webstream features and we will include this on the updates. It does make sense to have the login as a popup to tie in with the rest of the software.

Many thanks

on May 14, 2015 0 likes

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