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How do clients buy credits? do they buy them through you or through my website? How do i get paid?

on August 8, 2014 0 likes

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Is Admin


Hey Mandy

All credits are purchased directly through the website you added our software to, the client never leaves your site. For your clients to purchase credits they need to signup for an account first. To sign up for an account, the client simply clicks on your CallConnect or LiveCam button and fills out some basic information like name, username, password, email etc.

Once a client has an account he can choose which currency to buy credits in i.e. GBP, USD or Euro and choose how many credits to purchase. At this point the client is directed to our secure payment gateway in order for him to enter his credit or debit card details. We accept all Visa and Mastercard including visa debit. We do not accept American Express simply because of the high fraud level associated with American Express cards in certain countries.

Once the payment is complete the client is directed back to the place he came from ready to view your webcam show, call our phone chat system or purchase videos in your clipstore.

Clients can sign up for an account and purchase credits at any time. Credits will never expire and they can be used across all three of our software, LiveCam, CallConnect and ClipStore.

Below is a table of credits and prices that your clients can purchase...

20 Credits = £20 GBP / $33 USD / €24 Euros
30 Credits = £30 GBP / $49 USD / €36 Euros
40 Credits = £40 GBP / $66 USD / €49 Euros
50 Credits = £50 GBP / $82 USD / €61 Euros
100 Credits = £100 GBP / $165 USD / €123 Euros
200 Credits = £200 GBP / $330 USD / €246 Euros
500 Credits = £500 GBP / $825 USD / €615 Euros
1000 Credits = £1000 GBP / $1650 USD / €1230 Euros

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